SNH and Marine Scotland reports

Each year, CAMERAS partner organisations produce a wide range of research reports and publications that highlight their work.  In this edition of newsREELS we turn our attention to some recent publications from Marine Scotland and SNH that may be of interest to staff across CAMERAS partner organisations.

Since the beginning of 2011, Marine Scotland has produced publications which include:

Similarly, thusfar in 2011, SNH has produced publications that include:

  • SNH Commissioned Report 455: The Scottish Beaver Trial: Monitoring and further baseline survey of the aquatic and semi-aquatic macrophytes of the lochs 2009 – June 2011
  • SNH Commissioned Report 454: An analysis of the impact on the natural heritage of the decline in hill farming in Scotland - June 2011
  • SNH Commissioned Report 450: The Scottish Beaver Trial: Ecological monitoring of the European beaver (Castor fiber) and other riparian mammals – First Annual Report 2010 – May 2011
  • SNH Commissioned Report 436: Paths and climate change – an investigation into the potential implications of climate change on the planning, design, construction and management of paths in Scotland.

For further details on the full range of publications produced by Marine Scotland and SNH, please click on the hyperlinks.