CAMERAS NEWSREEL Isssue 2 December 2010

A word from the chair...

It is great to see the continued energy and enthusiasm from the CAMERAS partners - thanks to everyone involved for turning the CAMERAS Vision into a reality. I would particularly like to thank the CAMERAS Board for their leadership and to Kevin Rae and Colin Galbriath for oiling the wheels of collaboration across the partners.
It is really impressive to see so much being delivered so early for such a new partnership.  We have had useful discussions with organisations outside the CAMERAS groupings to identify areas of synergy and opportunities for alignment, including Local Authorities and Historic Scotland.  CAMERAS is now beginning to become a way of life in partner organisations, but there is still more we can do to spread the word and get CAMERAS further embedded.

Clearly there are concern in these uncertain budgetary times, however, the CAMERAS approach still has strong support from the Scottish Government and the other CAMERAS partners. Indeed a co-ordinated and aligned approach is even more important as budget restraint begins to bite, allowing us to collectively deliver what we would struggle to do individually.

It is great to see lots of practical action being taking forward such as the launch of three CAMERAS Focus papers planned for early in the new year and well attended workshops looking into futures techniques and soil carbon . Work is also going on a pace for the second CAMERAS science conference which is being held on 2-3 March 2011 at Our Dynamic Earth.  This event is going bring together the wider CAMERAS community to look at the broad theme of communicating risk and uncertainty while engaging with the public in a way which is meaningful to them.

All the time we are getting new ideas for what the CAMERAS partners can do collectively, so if you have any ideas where you feel collaboration would be worthwhile, talk to the CAMERAS Board member from your organisation so you too can help make the Vision real or use the 'contact us' feature on the website.

Dr Sue Walker