WORKSHOPS - completed and planned

CAMERAS maintains a rolling schedule of thematic workshops focusing on current and emerging issues of common purpose across the partners. One has completed and a further two are planned for 2010/11

Ecosystems briefing

Ecosystems briefingWe all thought we knew, but we all knew it differently! CAMERAS partners got together to galvanise a common understanding on ecosystems and ecosystem services in Scotland. This was a valuable exercise in order to properly set the basis for meaningful dialogue on areas of potential mutual interests and collaboration.  The briefing note describes what an ecosystem is; how an ecosystem approach can be used in the planning and management of our natural resources. It describes also what ecosystem services are and gives some examples of the value that is delivered from ecosystems and by their component habitats and species. For more information contact

Soil DataSoil data and CARBON monitoring

With the increasing amount of activity currently going on in Scotlandto gain a better understanding of soils with much emphasis on soil carbon and the relationship with land use change and greenhouse gas emissions, a workshop was held on 23 August. It was led by Roger Coppock of FC GB. It heard from CAMERAS partners about what they are doing in this increasingly important area and looked at areas where aligning activities and efforts might be mutually beneficial.

This workshop started by taking stock of who is doing what in Scotland. CAMERAS partners came together around the theme of “soils data and carbon monitoring” to;

  • Share who is doing what in this area in Scotlandand future intentions
  • Understand how the requirements of LULUCF (Land use, land-use change and forestry) are being met by partners
  • Explore the scope for an integrated or more closely aligned approach to soils monitoring

A workshop report is being written up and will be available soon. Check the CAMERAS website for details or contact . More in the next newsreel.