Four new SCIENCE “strategies”, one landscape

CAMERAS is keen to ensure alignment of activities across the wide spectrum of science (including social science and economics). A number of strategies or framework documents which show where CAMERAS partners intend to focus coordination are underway across the CAMERAS partners to better align efforts and to assist identifying synergies and potential for collaboration.  The aim is to develop a better understanding and a common language of how key areas of work shared across the partners fits into one landscape and might be more productively addressed. The four areas are:

  • Rural and Environment Science,
  • Marine Science
  • Freshwater Science
  • Environmental Monitoring.

These will provide a clear framework and strategic framework for science and research and will allow the alignment of research work between the CAMERAS partners as well as other bodies.

Each of these pieces of work are in fairly advanced stages and are expected to be approved by the Board in October. More details will follow in the next newsREEL and on this website