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CAMERAS goes polar

CAMERAS goes polarCAMERAS partners found themselves heading to the cooler climes of the South Pole at their inaugural conference in March. Even though the conference was actually held at Dicovery Point in Dundee, the participants took part in a highly apt “ice-breaker” session that took then on a“Journey to the South Pole” that entailed speed-dating with fellow voyagers at waypoints like Adelie Island and McMurdo Sound en route to the Pole. This session ensured participants got to know each other early on to help with the subsequent group working activities.

This first conference attracted some 70 participants including the majority of the CAMERAS main Board. The main focus of discussion in the sessions was around four topics which were selected by a CAMERAS conference steering group:-

  • ecosystem services;
  • food security;
  • low carbon economy; and
  • communication

For each topic, the following approach was taken. A short overview was provided by Scottish Government or Agency policy staff to outline the drivers. This was followed by two 15 minute presentations by academics to outline emerging research within the area. Further to a short question time, group work (tables of approx. 8 people) focused on three key questions, for which information was recorded using a ‘tablecloth’ format.

  • What did we learn from the presentations?
  • What are we/our organisations doing in this topic?
  • What are the knowledge gaps/science needs?

For the communications topic, a short self-selection process was used to group people according to ‘learning style’ and then group work was undertaken to assess barriers and enablers for improved communication. All recorded information was transcribed and reviewed.

On the following day, the CAMERAS Board metto review the synthesis of findings from day 1, and the main content of the discussion was recorded. A summary report and recommendations has been produced. CAMERAS goes polar

And finally a few partner pictures … can you name the explorers?CAMERAS goes polar