CAMERAS NEWSREEL Issue 1 August 2010

A word from the Chair

Welcome to the first newsREEL from the CAMERAS Partnership.  

It has been a productive first year for the CAMERAS and much has been achieved. The work which has been driven by an energetic Board has included; a science conference; a published booklet explaining our priorities for action; and huge strides in taking forward no less than four “strategies”.  As Chair of the CAMERAS Board, I will be the first to admit that what CAMERAS is trying to do is no small task – bringing together all the main Scottish public sector funders of rural, environmental and marine science, and aligning an annual science spend in excess of £135m will always be challenging – however, what has struck me during this first year is the energy, enthusiasm and appetite for the initiative.

Going forward over the next twelve months we need to harness the energy and enthusiasm from around the Board table and ensure that it engages staff in each of the partner organisations and ties them in to a spirit of innovation beyond barriers.  We need to promote and encourage a CAMERAS approach to partnership working, and continue to develop the already effective communication between partners. 

This newsletter and the other work being developed by SNIFFER for the Partnership, such as the CAMERAS website and SharePoint site, are designed to help the flow of information between staff within CAMERAS partners organisations and the wider community.

I hope you enjoy this first edition of the newsREEL, and please do let us know what you think of it.

Sue Walker