2012 CAMERAS Conference - Presentations
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Global Food Security Science Blog

RESAS scientific adviser Dr Pieter van de Graaf has recently published a science blog on the Global Food Security programme website. 

Dr van de Graaf's post explains the links between the SG-RESAS strategic research programmes and the UK Global Food Security Programme and is now live at:


3rd Annual CAMERAS Conference - Maximising Our Collective Impact - 18 April 2012, SNH Battleby

Date: Wednesday 18 April 2012

Venue: Scottish Natural Heritage Conference Centre, Battleby, Redgord

Scottish Environmental Monitoring Strategy

The CAMERAS produced Scottish Environmental Monitoring Strategy has been published and is now available on the Scottish Government website

CAMERAS Annual Report 2010-2011 Now Available

CAMERAS InfoThe CAMERAS Annual Report Covering 2010-2011 is now available to download.  The report, which covers the second year of operation of the CAMERAS initiative, outlines what has been achieved during the 2010-11 opertaing period, a

CAMERAS Second Annual Science Conference March 2011

The final report from the second annual science conference held on 02/03 March 2011 complete with summarised workshop discussion points and recommendations to the CAMERAS Board has been published and is available here

RESAS Strategic Research 2011-2016

The Scottish Government's Rural and Environment Science and Analytical Services Division (RESAS) is funding a portfolio of Strategic Research over 2011-16 that aims to build a platform of knowledge that strengthens policy and contributes

First Atlas of Scotland’s Seas Published

An atlas of Scotland's seas - with visual representation of its competing uses, productivity and health - has been compiled and published for the first time.

CAMERAS 2nd Annual Science Conference – Presentations and Speaker Videos

Following the success of the CAMERAS 2nd Annual Science Conference: “Volcanoes and snowstorms – effective decision making and public communication