CAMERAS newsREEL Issue 4 - Summer 2011

Welcome to the latest edition of the CAMERAS newsREEL, published July 2011.

A word from the Chair...

As the CAMERAS initiative looks forward to the coming year we find ourselves at a bit of a turning point.  The focus of the Board up to this point has been directed to the identification of areas of common interest, development of effective working practices and liaison between the partners.  With the imminent publication of the focus papers on Rural and Environment Science and Environmental Monitoring, in addition the Freshwater and Marine Science papers which were published earlier this year, we must now move from the initiation and forming phase to an implementation phase.  The implementation phase will see a shift in emphasis from ideas and scoping, to implementation and delivery, whilst retaining the capacity to generate new ideas and maintaining an awareness of wider issues that might arise.

To support this shift in emphasis, we are currently developing a work programme which will aim to implement the focus papers, and also take forward pieces of work on biodiversity data requirements across the partnership, evidence and policy development links, environmental monitoring innovation and citizen science.  This work programme can only be delivered via partnership working across the CAMERAS partner organisations but I am confident that this is achievable through promoting and supporting the CAMERAS way of working across the partnership.

Sue Walker