CAMERAS Coordination and Engagement Group (CEG)

A network of CAMERAS Coordinators has been established across the partnership and these individuals have been tasked to help further embed the initiative within their own organisation by raising awareness of CAMERAS and identifying ways to support collaborative working.  The coordinators also sit on the CAMERAS Coordination and Engagement Group (CEG) and this group has been established to support the work of the CAMERAS Board by:

  • - Identifying interventions aimed at embedding the CAMERAS initiative within the partner organisations
  • - Facilitating effective communication between CAMERAS partners
  • - Overseeing the delivery of communication channels such as the newsletter and website

Recent CEG activity has included the creation of a CAMERAS core script known as The Essential Guide to CAMERAS, which sets out what the CAMERAS initiative is, and this was use as the basis for a number of CAMERAS seminars that were delivered across the partnership.  In the coming year the CEG will be looking at communications across the partnership, with a major refocusing of the newsletter and a refresh of this website, and work will be undertaken to identify and remove some of the barriers that make it more difficult for our staff to work collaboratively across organisational boundries.

If you have a question about CAMERAS your coordinator is a good place to start and you can even contact coordinators from other organisation if you are looking for more information about their work.  The contact details can be found below

Coordinator Contact List






Kevin Rae (Chair)

Scottish Government, RESAS

CAMERAS Programme Co-ordinator

0131 244 2951

Anna Whyte

Food Standards AgencyScotland

Head of Science

01224 285119

Charlotte Maltin

Quality Meat Scotland

Science & Innovation Manager


Chris Nixon

Forestry Commission Scotland

Policy Adviser, Climate Change and Land Use

01463 252606

Chris Rich

Scottish Government, RESAS

Science co-ordination and communications manager

0131 244 0820

Iain MacGowan


Species lead

01738 458 564

Jill Tivey

Scottish Government, SASA

Librarian & Information Manager

0131 244 8826

Joanna Gardiner


Communications Officer

01355 574 226

Mark Williams

Scottish Water

Environmental Regulation and Climate Change Manager

01383 848 248

Ruth Allen

Scottish Government, Marine Scotland

Communications Manager

0131 244 8470