What do we need to do?

Scotland has a high quality environmental, rural and marine science resource, spread across many disciplines, delivered by numerous organisations. This requires co-ordination to ensure that the science resource addresses government policies and priorities and that it is delivered efficiently and effectively. Understand carrying capacity and the value of ecosystem services, delivering integrated environmental solutions, providing evidence on the balance between utilisation and exploitation of natural resources and ensuring that development is sustainable, all require a high degree of coordination across many scientific disciplines.

CAMERAS intends to create increasingly effective and aligned science policy and delivery in Scotland, to provide:

  • solutions which are based on sound physical, biological, economic and social science
  • solutions which are practical, cost-effective and related to policy and operational requirements in Scotland
  • mechanisms to allow knowledge exchange between strategic science and the application of science in policy development and delivery
  • multidisciplinary approaches that integrate across the natural and social sciences and that interact , where necessary, with other disciplines.
  • opportunities to identify and solve problems and to exploit opportunities
  • capability that anticipates emerging problems
  • capability that is flexible and responsive to the changing needs of Scotland
  • maintenance of Scotland’s position at the forefront of marine, environmental and rural science, theory and practice
  • opportunities to exploit the value of science to the Scottish economy
  • approaches informed by development at a UK, European and global level
  • an input to key UK and international activities such as Living With Environmental Change initiative and the scooping of future EU framework funding programmes